For Vendors

Rules and mission of market follow:

The purpose of the Saturday farm market on the city square in Waupaca is to:

• To provide plentiful access to fresh nutritious food.and locally produced products.

• To provide a lucrative market space for local farmers.

• To provide an additional draw to the downtown, boosting all local businesses.

We’d like to be very clear that we will not be encouraging a “flea market” atmosphere and that participation will be carefully judged and measured. Still, all farm produce will be given equal weight for admission, And, in keeping with standing city ordinance, all local civic organizations willl be given free access to the market and will be encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities of the farm market environment.

Definition of market space and time:

-“Local” produce, for the purposes of this market, means product grown or produced on the vendor’s own property, or on property leased, rented or borrowed by the vendor, in or adjacent to Waupaca County.

-“Local” farmers, for the purposes of this market, refers to farmers in Waupaca County.

Vendor requirements:

• Vendors must follow all appropriate laws regarding the sale of food and food products at farmer markets, and it is their responsibility to be aware of applicable laws. The Market Manager is available to help research questions.

• Vendors selling products from farms other than their own are stongly encouraged to provide clear signage indicating the origin of that product.

• Vendors are responsible for cleanup of debris from their space.

• Vendors will complete an application form as needed, and will provide truthful information regarding their products.

• Vendors will pay a $5 fee per ten-foot space, per market, or $75 for the whole season. This is only good for Saturdays, if you wish to set up on any other day, you must contact the city of Waupaca for a separate vendor fee.

• Vendors are able to register any time, including the day of the market, either via email, in person, or over the phone with the market manager. Sites will be distributed on a first come, first served basis, and in consideration of the goals of the farm market.

• Vendors may sell from their vehicles, from tables and/or from tents as they wish. No stakes may be driven into the ground or pavement. Venders are expected to set up on the street, and to leave an ample (minimum 4-foot) walkway on the sidewalk.

• Vendors will be expected to be at the market from as close as is possible to 9am to 2 pm or until they are out of product, whichever comes first.

• Vendors are responsible for their own personal and product liability insurance.

• No open fires or flame based heaters, grills or cooking devices are permitted without special permission of both the market organizers and the city.

• By virtue of their participation vendors agree that disregard of these requirements may result in denial of participation in the future.